About us

What’s here?

Hundreds of classic metal albums.
They are ready for an easy listening (streaming).


What is “Classic Metal Samples”?

It’s a heavy metal project founded by Metaloren in May 2010 whose associated domain is metal-samples.com
It’s a multimedia blog/web with hundreds of 80’s metal albums. They are ready for an easy listening (one click only).
It’s inspired in Vibrations Of Doom site.

What is its objective?
To facilitate online listenings of some obscure traditional metal bands.

How does it work?
On Classic Metal Samples the visitor can listen to some songs of a specific band. Bands are sorted by name.
Clicking an album cover will redirect the visitor to the Encyclopaedia Metallum for complete information about the band.
Classic metal requests are welcome.

Can it produce any secondary effect to the listener?
Yes, of course! As all metal sites, Metal-Samples.com can cause severe neck ache (headbanging)!!!

Should I thank to anybody?

Special thanks to Strappado’s and many other old school metal blogs. Their unselfish metal sharings are making possible this project. Thanks to traditional metal fests. Thanks to labels working on classic metal issues and re-issues. Thanks to all of you, metal warriors worldwide. Thanks for keeping the flame alive!


Mosaics and stats

1600+ Metal-Samples now and going on…

1.450.000+ pageviews

The first metal sample (Aaronsrod – Illusions Kill) was posted on May, 2nd 2010.

Long live the loud!!!